Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Mars Volta Overload

Our friend Frat caught The Mars Volta at Lupo's (Providence, RI) over the weekend and had quite a mind-blowing experience. He is still gathering his thoughts and formulating some kind of expression regarding the experience, but he whet my appetite with the setlist. Wow. He also noted - and this comes from a HUGE Jon Theodore and Danny Carey fan - that Thomas Pridgen was the best drummer he had ever seen.

This is about the most ridiculous opening 6 songs I could even imagine:

"Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)"
"Viscera Eyes"
"Wax Simulacra"
"Conjugal Burns"
"Cygnus…Vismund Cygnus"
"Drunkship of Lanterns"
"Day of the Baphomets"
UPDATE: Brooklyn Vegan has pics from the Terminal 5 show. The third one down says it all.

UPDATE: More on the Terminal 5 Show..."There were virtually no breaks in the action last night—Rodriguez-Lopez often kept soloing between songs—and there was no encore. There was no need." - David Fricke, RS Rock Daily


lameplan said...

Yes, the set was intense. I was lucky enough to be there early and get my way to center stage second row in the sardine pile. Only thing was that I cannot find any videos or pics from that show :(
It was easily the greatest concert i have seen.

If you come across any media from that show (hard due to no flash photography rule they had that night) email me @ tiepilot7@yahoo.com

it would make my day!

NF said...

werd. i caught them there in '05 or '06 and remember it being really strict on the camera tip, but it'll be interesting to see if anyone captured any of it. from what i heard cedric's vocals were insane.

lameplan said...

As usual, Cedrics vocals were unworldy good. Pidgeon was on fire though, he had a couple of solos that just floored me. But i know there was a good amount of photography going on with phones and such since i noticed a decent amount of flashes. And i know for a fact there was a couple ppl with iphones taking video. Im hopinh they turn up on the web eventually :()

JK said...

the comments on BV's site from last night's show in NYC are highly entertaining.
I didn't go but apparently the set list was the same.

Emily said...

I didn't have the chance to see them in NY...but between the mind-blowing midnight set and the rib-crushing mosh pit, the NYE show I caught in san francisco almost killed me! Couldn't agree more with your friend' assessment of Pridgen...not just his drumming but the physical joy he brought to the music was a great added component. Their electric playlist from that night:

1. Intro
2. Roulette Dares
3. New Year's Countdown and Mini-jam
4. Viscera Eyes
5. Wax Simulacra
6. Goliath
7. Conjugal Burns
8. Tetragrammaton
9. Agadez
10. Metatron
11. Cygnus Intro
12. Cygnus
13. Ourobouros
14. Ilyena
15. Meccamputechture
16. Aberinkula
17. Day of the Baphomets
18. Drunkship of Lanterns