Monday, January 22, 2007

Maxïmo Park New Album Details and Tracklisting

Maxïmo Park tend to get lost in the onslaught that is the British music scene. It's probably because they're not claiming to take over the world or recording the greatest album of all-time. I like that they're humble. I also think that their debut A Certain Trigger is second in quality only to Bloc Party's Silent Alarm since this craze begain in '04. Hell, even Pitchfork agrees.

From their Web site: Our Earthly Pleasures will be released on 2nd April 2006 (May 1 in the U.S.) on Warp Records. The album will be preceded by the single "Our Velocity" in March (19th), and the formats will include exclusive b-sides. More information on this soon.

This is a terrible album cover. Tracklisting below.

Album Tracklisting:
Girls Who Play Guitars
Our Velocity
Books From Boxes
Russian Literature
Karaoke Plays
Your Urge
The Unshockable
By The Monument
A Fortnight’s Time
Sandblasted And Set Free
Parisian Skies

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