Thursday, January 18, 2007

Random Thoughts

* The buzz from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!'s s/t and self-released debut in 2005 is still fresh in my mind and I think it will go down as one of the best music stories of the decade - one that lead to 120,000 sales without a label. So it's been pretty hard to ignore their upcoming release, Some Loud Thunder. They've got a nice spot on the MySpace home page to promote the album stream, all pre-sale buyers at Insound (it comes out on 1/30) received a link to download the album, and countless blog mentions. A savvy web user will also be able to find the download floating around the blogosphere. I think their debut was very good but not quite excellent. However, I'm having a real hard time figuring out what the hell is going on with this one. It just doesn't seem like these are songs. The music is fine but what are these lyrics? It's definitely a step in a different direction, I just think it's the wrong direction. I love their DIY approach but I have doubts as to whether this will bring in any new fans.

* Is it just me or does it seem like the prices have gone up at Insound? I had a really hard time justifying paying 16 bucks for the new Bloc Party. Not to mention that the free shipping is up to $50. I'm trying something new and going with Amp Camp. Their prices are cheaper on tons of new releases and they have a wider selection of pre-sales. We'll see if their delivery process holds up.

* Caught up on a couple recent DVD releases - The Illusionists and United 93. Both are excellent films and the latter definitely deserves mention as one of the best of last year. I still need to see Pan's Labrynth, The Last King of Scotland, and Babel.

* I went for an upgrade on my ipod headphones and ended up trying out 3 pairs until I settled on something I was happy with. I stayed in the $100 price range. I started with the new Bose in-ear headphones. Great sound, terrible fit. I then tried the JBL Reference 220 - great fit but the sound left a lot to be desired. I finally ended on the V-MODA Vibes. The fit is far better than the Bose and the sound quality is excellent, at least to my untrained ears.

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dee said...

i have shure E3C . great for the subway, but kinda dangerous while jogging on the streets/park/etc