Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Peter Bjorn and John @ Bowery, 1/30/07

I need to keep this short because work is a bit busy. I rolled out of Bowery last night at midnight to surprisingly find a steady snowfall. It's nice to know THAT still happens on the East Coast. For those keeping track at home, that's Peter on guitar and vocals, Bjorn on bass, and John on drums. John did vocals on "Start to Melt" and Bjorn attempted vocals on "Amsterdam." I say attempted because he had no clue what the lyrics were. They stopped the song 3 times and I don't think they even finished it. The audience was singing along better than him. The live version of "Chills" was incredible and very different from the studio version. Hearing "Young Folks" with Victoria Bergsman was, of course, a highlight and it sounded and felt much better than their Conan performance of two days ago. There was a bit of a disappointing (for me at least) Ashlee Simpson moment when it became plainly obvious that the whistling was a sampler as Peter was clearly not at the mic at times. The bongos more than made up for it. Overall, the show was a lot of fun although it may not have quite lived up to hype of the previous two nights - from what I read and apparently BV agrees. With just the three of them on stage, their range of guitar-driven rock and Beattles-esque pop looked effortless. Works for me.

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Adam Solomon said...

You came up on Google when searching for Ataxia II...have you heard? March 6 officially :)