Monday, January 08, 2007

Cloud Cult Album Details; New Songs

Readers of Metro D know that we're huge fans of Cloud Cult (new site) and I'm somewhat jealous to report that Pop Tarts Suck Toasted has been given a sneak peak to their new album, The Meaning of 8. According to the Craig Minowa and gang, the new album will be available in stores on April 10th but you can buy it from the Cloud Cult site directly in early February (date should be confirmed soon). Judging by the songs included in PTST's post, their sound is consistent with past efforts and a refreshing peak into what's to come.

UPDATE: Additionally, Cloud Cult has announced that they "will be doing a U.S. Meaning of 8 CD Release support tour from mid-March through mid-May" at their site.

MP3: Cloud Cult - "Chemicals Collide" (I think they may have played this song during one of their recent Knitting Factory shows?)
MP3: Cloud Cult - "Purpose"

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Patrick said...

Nice job on getting the album cover I couldn't find that one!