Friday, January 19, 2007

Cosmo Baker, Take Us Into the Weekend

[Photo Credit: Is The Rub]

Found this number while I was hanging out at Brooklyn Vegan clicking on links. They post so much stuff over there that it is nearly impossible to keep up. Here's the abbreviated bio on Cosmo Baker, courtesy of his site,

A: "I'm from the old school, I love P-Funk, But now rap music is all that they want, So when I'm in my car, I play Clinton, And when I'm on the stage I start pimping."


B: "Now I'm hiding in Honduras, I'm a desperate man, Send lawyers, guns and money, The shit has hit the fan..."
Gotta love the Warren Zevon reference, and the Bloc Party/Outkast mashup. More tracks, mixes and setlists here and here. Don't confuse this battle with their previous encounter.

DUNZO: Outkast v. Bloc Party - "She's Hearing Bombs"
MP3: Outkast v. Bloc Party - "She's Hearing Bombs"

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