Sunday, January 21, 2007

Boris Heavy Rocks

Exactly 2:00 in to this song it's going to hit you. Like a brick. It is an out of body experience. A rush. It is the way it should be.

I wasn't tracking another Boris collaboration. But here they are. Again. Endless touring. Endless releases. Do we really want it any other way? Pitchfork was on it and they liked it (8.2). In fact, it re-energized their Boris love. I don't need re-energizing. They were easily one of the best shows last year and they are beginning to hit that phase in my brain where I track their every move like a hawk (see TV On The Radio, Pearl Jam, John Frusciante, The Mars Volta).

This track is something else. It's probably because it's a union of epic proportions with acclaimed guitarist Michio Kurihara entering the fold with one of the most respected psychedelic drone rock outfits on the scene today. The track is a little more refined then the stuff you will find on Pink, but it still has that raw edge.

I, for one, am busting out the checkbook and dropping $35.00 on this two disc album because, well, no one else is making music like this. You can join me over at Amp Camp.

Boris, along with These Arms Are Snakes, is helping Isis wreak havoc throughout Japan in late January. In May they are doing 5 dates in Japan with Sunn o))). If they bring it back this way this spring or summer I pray my ears are ready for the beating.

Thanks to Fluxblog for always keeping me in the know. Without Fluxblog, BrooklynVegan, and some others I'd be still be signing up for 12 free CDs for the price of 1 at BMG every three months (using different names and addresses) and still finding very little that I liked.

MP3: Boris w. Michio Kurihara - "Starship Narrator"

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