Monday, January 08, 2007

More From Arcade Fire, Sorry

I admit that I've become a bit obsessed with all of this new album buzz and promotion but this was just too great not to comment. Headless Ponch has been all over details and the latest is the band's announcement of album details (11 songs) and release date (March 6 in the U.S.) in the form of an infomercial on YouTube. This is pure marketing genuis...

For those who have not yet heard, you can find their first single, "Black Mirror" on Win's scrapbook page. I think it's the weakest of the 3 released/leaked tracks but I also understand that it's perfectly impossible to make an album that will stand up to Funeral and won't let that deter my enjoyment.

Adding to the enjoyment, this from Stereogum, some calls into the 1-866-NEON-BIBLE yesterday were actually answered by Win Butler. Too funny.

Have you guys tried calling the 866-NEONBIBLE hotline recently? We just did, we pressed "6" at the prompt, held the line ... and found ourselves speaking with Will! Do it.

i'm freaking out! no one probably cares but : i called that number and like i remember a while ago i tried to call to hear intervention on the phone and like it didn't work so i decided to try again today. and i pressed 6 and then it rang and then this guy picked up and he's like "this is will."
me: will from arcade fire?? NOOO.
"will" : yes...
me: no way, i'm freaking out.
"will": yeah
and actually in retrospect it was pretty mundane but he confirmed the release date and he said he was in the office up in the great white north and asked me where i was from. it was weird. but i'm excited!

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