Saturday, December 16, 2006

Last Days at Tower Records

For those of you with a Tower Records in a nearby vacinity, it may be worth stopping by for one last look. The one in my neighborhood is closing in less than a week and they're practically giving cds away at this point. The pickings may be slim but those with patience and some extra time on their hands will find some decent selections left. I picked up Rogue Wave's Descended Like Vultures, The Futureheads' News and Tributes ($2), and Sound Team's Work EP for a grand total of 8 bucks. As InMyTree would say, Get Some.

MP3: Rogue Wave - "Publish My Love"
MP3: The Futureheads - "Back to the Sea"
MP3: Sound Team - "It's Obvious What's Happening Here"


InMyTree said...

Get some!!!

Anonymous said...

i just went there today-- REALLY slim pickings, even at lincoln center... but most people don't bother looking through the bin of imports and singles, so I snagged some that i've been eyeing for a while. oh, and giant store fixtures/posters

JK said...

agreed. i was at the lincoln center location on friday. i may give it another look today.

JK said...

made another stop in there today before seeing "The Queen." Picked up Test Icicles, Figurines' Skeleton, ATDI In/Casino/Out, Trail of Dead live at Emo's.