Monday, December 18, 2006

Kaiser Chiefs Coming Back to the States

Next in line for "[insert British buzz band] set to release second album," the Kaiser Chiefs will be returning to North America for a quick tour (more dates coming?) to once again prove their worthiness. Response to this band is always going to vary greatly but I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed their live performance last year.

Judging by the capacity of these venues (in parentheses), the band are confident that I'm not the only one awaiting their return.

April 13 - New York: Roseland Ballroom (3500)
April 18 - Toronto: Kool Haus (2200)
April 20 - Chicago: Vic Theatre (1300)
April 27 - San Francisco: Warfield Theatre (1500)

1 comment:

Diana said...

I reaaaaaaaaaaallly hope the Chiefs play some warm-up shows because I hate Roseland. (Rumor has it that they will, though.)