Monday, December 04, 2006


[Interpol : MySpace]

I am finally getting a chance to absorb some of the news and goings on from the past few weeks. Work has been a bear and the grad school apps haven't helped. Floating around the web today, I decided to check out Interpol's website to see if they were responding (or inciting, perhaps) any of this news about their work in their studio for what could be their major-label debut. Turns out they are taking a page out of the Thom Yorke playbook and dropping quasi-cryptic notes:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are now recording album 3. The studio is in NYC, and we're enjoying being local.
The atmosphere and the environs of a recording facility affect the sound and feel of an album in the subtlest ways.
And we are affected. And it is subtle.
Sounds great so far. But we'll be here for a while yet.
Upward and outward. Begin, begin.
Big kisses all around.
I am expecting plenty of Import singles with red, black and white covers, overflowing with remixes. Bring it on, fellas.

MP3: Interpol - "Fog. Vs Mould for the Length of Love"

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