Friday, December 08, 2006

Asobi Seksu! Tonight! Somewhere?! Maybe??

I don't know where Baltimore, MA is and I am not sure what time of day TBA is, but it's December 8th now and Asobi Seksu is supposedly playing Baltimore, MA tonight. Now, Baltimore, MA could easily be Baltimore, MD by way of a typo. Kind of like how that "k" in Seksu could easily be an "x" depending on your location in the internets.

Logic suggests MA is MD because last night they played Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC (Go Heels!) and tomorrow night they play Khyber Pass in Philadelphia, PA. I've done a little bit of traveling up and down the eastern seaboard and the last time I checked Baltimore is between Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) and Philly.

I don't know. TBA is TBA and could mean MIA or "naga naga not gonna happen." I will keep you posted if we hear, read, or see anything. At any rate Asobi Sexsu's sound is shoegaze through and through, but it also has Stereolab and Velvet Underground qualitites falling into their musical fold.

I'm no Brian Howe when it comes to interpreting symbols on my iPod, but the word on the street is that Asobi Seksu means "playful sex" in Spanish Japanese. Additionally, they just released a live CD that you can pick up at Insound. They got all creative on us and named it "Live at the Echo 10/6/06". Click on the links and get your Vitamin Citrus.


MP3: Asobi Sexsu - "Strawberries"

[Official Site: Asobi Seksu]


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