Thursday, December 14, 2006

Asobi Seksu: Rock 'N Roll Hotel, January 19th

Fear not scurvy laden friends of Metro D. Come January your body will once again be able to synthesize collagen correctly.

Last Friday might have been a bust and we may never have located Baltimore, MA, but Asobi Seksu will be invading our ear canals come 2007. I'm finally getting into their first LP after being on Citrus overload the last few days. Is Citrus creeping in to my Top Ten from 200Seksu? We will have to wait and see. At this point anything is a possibility because I am having a really hard time narrowing the year in music down.

Each of Asobi Seksu's studio releases offers something different. You can see a nice growth from the self-titled debut to Citrus, they are two separate sounds, but they still share a common, heart-tugging thread that is filled to the brim with reverb nastiness and catchy choruses. Finally the '07 shows are popping up on the calendar...

Fri Jan 19: Washington DC, Rock 'N Roll Hotel
[Calendar | Tickets]
[Official Site: Asobi Seksu]


MP3: Asobi Seksu - "I'm Happy But You Don't Want Me"
MP3: Asobi Seksu - "New Years"
MP3: Asobi Seksu - "Thursday"

Agnostic-approved holiday bonus track:
MP3: Asobi Seksu - "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)"

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