Friday, December 08, 2006

Covering Down: Band of Horses

I haven't watched the O.Cizzle in a while. In fact I only ever caught about 4 or 5 episodes. After that smoking-hot lesbian (bi?) girl (who apparently is also a star in the new JT flick Alpha Dog) peaced out I cashed in my chips. My fair lady has also parted ways. She's to busy throwing the clicker at the TV when a repeat of Grey's Anatomy graces the TV (last night) to worry what type of good, clean fun Seth and Ryan are cooking up.

Wondering why Metro Destruction is talking about The O.C.? Me, too. Turns out, Band of Horses is catching some buzz for covering The New Year's track "End's Not Near" for The O.C. Mix 6. The list of songs (and bands) is pretty solid, but I haven't heard all of it. I am usually only a cover guy when the band that does it truly gets it done (see Pearl Jam, Ben Harper). Nevertheless, the Band of Horses track got me thinking: this isn't the best cover I have heard from these guys. Good track? Yes. As good as their Otis Redding cover of "Chained and Bound"? Not even close.

UPDATE: Link for MP3 is now good to go.

MP3: Band of Horses - "Chained and Bound"


Anonymous said...

wld u be able to repost? the link doesn't appear to work. the oc track is pretty good, but im now dying to hear this one.



InMyTree said...

on it...

InMyTree said...

yousendit is fucked up right now, too. i will fix this and The Shins post as soon as I can. apologies.