Friday, April 14, 2006

Coachella 2006

In exactly 2 weeks I am boarding a plane to meet up with legendary concert-goers and fun-seekers Quinja, Dusty, Paul, Frat, and Top. If I didn't have 4 shows between now and then I would probably be scraping paint off the walls with my fingernails. The first round of $7 Bud Heavies is on me. Anyone bringing a tent? Who cares.


TOP said...

Only 2 Medic Tents, 3 Beer Gardens, 9 Shade Tents, and fighting robots...we might have to do some risk analysis on this one.

InMyTree said...

I have dreams at night in regards to this map. It's like Legend of Zelda and I am bouncing like a pinball between Beer Gardens and Stages. The only problem is that Princess Zelda bites it at the end of the weekend because I never make it to the next level. I was to wrapped up in the bartering for beer and listening to tunes to come to her rescue. Sorry Princess. Link is a boozehound music freak.