Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wolf Parade @ Webster Hall

Quick recap, in short, I was not very impressed. First, I'm a huge fan of the album. It was easily one of my favorites of 2005. Second, I caught the band at Northsix several months ago and left with a very good buzz about the band's future. Fast forward to April 10th and I'm convinced that this band is not ready to fill a venue the size of Webster Hall. Watching the growing pains of a new band's live act - long breaks in between songs, instrument issues - is fine in a small venue but at a place like Webster it absolutely kills the buzz after a song. Also, when you're rocking out on a song, it helps to actually face the audience. Am I supposed to get excited about looking at some dude's back? Not to mention that I have no idea what purpose Dante DeCario (former Hot Hot Heat) serves in this band. My last issue and then I'll let it go, I can't think of a bigger downer than ending with Dinner Bells - and they closed with this song both times so I'm sensing a trend - I left the show depressed. It certainly lacks the impact of A Certain Romance as a closer. There were highlights of course, the great album songs still sound great live (highlight was definitely I'll Believe in Anything) and I'm not sure anyone works harder, or sweats more, on stage than Spencer Krug. They played several new songs which were solid and I was very happy to hear Disco Sheets. I will see them again next time but I will temper my expectations.

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