Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Uh Oh - The Raconteurs Album Leak

Ok, so I listened to the new Raconteurs album, Broken Boy Soldiers, on my way into work today. It's short - 10 songs - and probably no more than 35-40 minutes. The vocals alternate somewhat consistently with Jack White and Brendan Benson a la Wolf Parade. At some points, I felt like the album was a throw-back to the 60s and at others, a garage rock revival. The album as a whole is a lot more buttoned up than any White Stripes release and has a much greater rock influence than any previous Brendan Benson release. While I'm still a little annoyed at missing out on tickets to their NYC show, overall, the album is very solid and I have a feeling it will be great after a few more listens. Don't forget to buy the album when it's released on May 16. It's on my Amazon list...Here's a look at a track with Benson on lead vocals.

MP3: The Raconteurs - Hands

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