Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two If By Sea DC Residency Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow will be the third night of the DC NINE Residency for Two If By Sea. Inmytree and I plan on taking a peek and adding a new venue to the list, and I'm guessing one of us will be shamboozled due to not having to work the following morning. The band will be giving out free promo CD's featuring 3 demo tracks from their forthcoming LP on SilverThree - which will be recorded in May with J. Robbins. Also playing will be The Diggs and Greenland, described by Two if by Sea here:

THE DIGGS (Brooklyn, NY)
Their songs contain an indiscernable yet expansive mid-90's indie rock sound. Atmospheric, dreamy pop-rock ballads slowly gain momentum and swell into a huge wave of sound. They're kinda shoegaze, kinda britpop & definitely guitar heavy. SICK live show. Listen to tunes from their new rekkid, "Commute" (sugarspun recs.).
MP3: The Diggs - Everyone's Starting Over
MP3: The Diggs - Just Like You Say
MP3: The Diggs - Trouble Everyday

This local trio has garnered some attention in the past year, and for good reason. Their intelligent & hooky tunes are tight for a 3-piece, yet still breathe enough to have an organic quality to them. They've been described as "Velvet Underground meets the Replacements"... listen for yourself & decide.

is at 1940 9th st, NW. show starts at 9:30 sharp! DC Locals open, out-of-town act follows. Two if by Sea Set-time at 11:15 $8 / 21+

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JK said...

the Two if by Sea singer reminds me a bit of Stellastar*, no? I like that Diggs track.