Thursday, July 05, 2007

Back In Action

Sorry for the lapse in communication these past few weeks. In that time my fiance and I have moved out of our apartment in A-ton, stayed with friends, finished our jobs on the East Coast and headed home to Rhody. I left a little early and got into some tasty adventures with friends new and old, beginning with a great afternoon and night in NYC with the infamous JK. We made one great decision too many and after watching Papi get buckled by Eric Gagne (Sox lost) we went about one beer too deep.

My body somehow found the energy to wake up the next morning around 7:30 and drive to Cambridge where I met up with a buddy of mine I haven't seen in about 5 years. We joined up with some other friends and forked over $60 a piece for $23 bleacher seats. Scalped tickets, $7 beers and J.D. "Nancy" Drew dropping fly balls has never been so much fun (Sox lost). The adventure didn't stop there as the night poured into the bars around Fenway and eventually Cambridge. The worst decision of the night came at Burger King, oddly enough. And we paid severely. With the sun beating into my buddy's apartment on the Charles River and BK wrappers EVERYWHERE, I somehow muscled up, packed up and continued on to Mount Desert Island, Maine, where my parents were kicking it. It could have been worse. I could have been my buddy Callo, who had to drive into work and teach summer school. Nonetheless I-95 into Maine broke me off. Worst. Drive. Ever. Parts of it reminded me a lot of I-65 in Alabama. Exits every 30 or 40 miles. And those exits had no sign of life.

Upon arrival at MDI, I began the slow process of recuperation beginning with lots of water, vegetables and exercise (Sox won, Sox won). My fiance and I are headed back up there for a week or so and I can't wait. The weather, as opposed to the weather RI experienced on the 4th, was spectacular. Alright. That's enough about that. I've been slacking. I haven't even touched the topic of Bonnaroo and I haven't talked about the album I can't stop rocking to: Icky Thump. Now that I've nestled in to a steady residence with wireless Internets...I should be better about all this.

More photos: [Ship Harbor | Beech Mountain]


JK said...

can we get a BK burger count for that weekend?

NF said...

fucking bad news, buds. bad news.

my heart is still coming out of my chest. i've been eating salads since and i forgot about those two on the turnpike.

thanks for reminding me.

vh said...

Congrats on the engagement... sucker! Glad to have you back to in the mix.

Thanks for your service - but the real world is SO much cooler.