Monday, July 30, 2007

3 Round Burst

The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP Is Is is full of old songs that never made it to albums for whatever reason. And it's excellent. I still haven't tracked down their performance from Letterman, but I heard they played "Down Boy". Pitchfork has a great review of Is Is and a continuing onslaught of videos from the EP.

Sebastien Grainger continues to work on his solo album which appears to be slated for 2008. Everything I am hearing from his MySpace page rocks. Life after Death From Above 1979 isn't perfect, but solo work is better than nothing.

The new Ataxia album is suberb. John Frusciante continues to blow my mind. Another solo slbum of his (dubbed Solo X by fans) is slated for release towards the end of this year. Production quality is expected to lean towards the polished, synthed-out stylings of Shadows Collide With People. We can also expect a sequel to A Sphere In the Heart of Silence.

MP3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Down Boy"

MP3: Ataxia - "Hands"

MP3: John Frusciante - "Penetrate Time (Lou Bergs)"

MP3: Sebastien Grainger & Les Montagnes - "Are There Ways to Come Home?"


JK said...

I've been listening to Shadows Collide a lot more recently. Consider me a JF convert. Carvel and Omission are the obvious standouts and Second Walk and This Cold are so damn good, each should be doubled in length. Also listening to To Record...Going Inside and Murderers are both tight. Haven't picked up on the others yet.

jonathan said...

link on the Sebastien Grainger & Les Montagnes - "Are There Ways to Come Home?" is expired please refresh it or send it to me i've been trying to get this song