Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Across the Pond

Despite solid albums from Klaxons and Bloc Party, I was generally disappointed by the output of new music from the U.K. in 2007 - an area which I've come to count on for good tunes. Radiohead, of course, can't be counted because it's been determined that they are in a world by themselves.

With 2008 on the horizon, I can safely look to two new releases that gives me confidence of more greatness to come. First, the David Sitek-produced debut by the Foals now has a tracklist and album title, Antidotes. Unfortunately, the album doesn't contain "Hummer" or "Mathletics" but given the strength of those two songs, that should bode well for the album. First single, "Balloons," was out Monday in the UK. The album comes out in March but I'm not sure when Sub Pop plans to release it stateside. If you're not sold by those plugs for David Sitek and Sub Pop well, then, I can't help you.

MP3: Foals - "Hummer"

Antidotes tracklisting:
'The French Open'
'Red Socks Pugie'
'Olympic Airways'
'The Race For Radio Supremacy'
'Heavy Water'
'Two Steps, Twice'
'Big Big Love (Fig. 2)'
'Like Swimming'

British Sea Power followed up the awesome The Decline of British Sea Power with the boring Open Season but with all of the ateaseweb excitement over Do You Like Rock Music? I couldn't help but take notice. This one hit the WWW's yesterday and after 3 listens to the album, I can safely say that the album title is rhetorical because it does not disappoint. The album is out next month in the UK and Feb. 12 in the states. Below is the video for the first single "Waving Flags".

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