Monday, November 19, 2007

The Little City That Could; Statehood

Was back in my old stomping grounds (D.C.) over the weekend for a wedding. Great times. And it wouldn't really be a weekend full of nostalgia without a heavy dose of Dismemberment Plan on rotation, now would it? I have a feeling those reunion shows were sick. Anyway, for those looking to support one of D.C.'s most beloved bands, we got an email from former bassist and current teacher Eric Axelson that his new band, Statehood (also includes drummer Joe Easley), had finished their debut album. Click here for the full story about the band. Lies and Rhetoric is self-released and out today. After two listens thus far today, I'm beyond pleased with the result. It's certainly a more straightforward, I guess what some would call post-hardcore, rock record than any D-Plan album but fans will certainly recognize that raw intensity. This is, of course, a new band after-all and they deserve a new fan base. Have a listen below.

MP3: Statehood - "End the Moderation"
Buy the album from Insound.

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