Monday, November 05, 2007

Stay Down Champion Stay Down

I've had that line in our Header since the release of The National's Boxer but never heard it in any of the album's songs. It wasn't until recently that I came across a demo entitled Liberation CD that was given out in France and found the song's origin. MP3 below.

MP3: The National - "Tall Saint" (demo)

Brainy Alternate - longer version with different ending
Slow Show (demo) - alternate version from album
Tall Saint (demo)
Rest of Years (demo)
Santa Clara

UPDATE: Link to "Tall Saint" is updated along with a bonus of "Rest of Years"
MP3: The National - "Rest of Years" (demo)


Jon said...

Can you pleae repost this?! I am interested in anything even remotely related to Boxer and would love to hear Tall Saint as well as Rest of Years.

JK said...

done and done

Jon said...

Wow, thank you!

kellyscuba said...

Can you please repose the mp3s or a link to where I can find them? I would LOVE to hear them!

Anonymous said...

yes please do

JK said...

adding them again as a new post today.