Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Mars Volta: Puzzles & Covers

You have to give it to TMV. Not as revolutionary as Radiohead's latest internet ventures, but fun. And rewarding.

I'm not sure if all 732 of my moves were necessary. I think they are just proof that my brain is mush from the first semester of grad school and/or I'm just fucking retahded. I was honest, I didn't peak at the cover art before hand, I just let my synapses do the firing. Eventually, I got the track...and I'm saving you the trouble.

The videogame trailers, video clip madness and puzzle pieces for punk covers do nothing but whet my appetite. The first few impressions of this album ("Rapid Fire Tollbooth" now called "Goliath" & "Wax Simulacra") are putting me into that Tremulant, ATDI frame of mind. From the looks of the track lengths, it will be a return to exploratory form for the band, but I can't help but feel a little buzz, a little something different.

The Bedlam in Goliath drops on January 29th of next year and is the first studio album from TMV to feature new, permanent drummer Thomas Pridgen, who joined the band back in March.

MP3: The Mars Volta - "Back Up Against the Wall" (Circle Jerks cover)


Anonymous said...

Hey man thanks,
That puzzle was really hard, even with the foto

jackdog307 said...

Post the track again, I fail at these puzzles!!!

Anonymous said...

goddamnit!!! this shits enough to make me not wanna hear this fucking song in the first place. piece of shit puzzle took me almost 300 moves before I realized I couldn't get THE LAST FUCKING PIECE TO WORK!!!

so prease, from the bottom of my heart, host this goddamn file before i rail my prescription amps and stay up all night trying to redo this hellbeast tomflandery.