Sunday, March 01, 2009

...Trail of Dead @ Bowery Ballroom, 2/28/09

Jason Reece proudly displaying the Longhorn

Oh Trail of Dead, you had me at the double drums. How do you prevent the incessant talking that goes on during shows? You play an intensely loud, ear-ringing set. Great energy from the crowd and the band. The new songs sounded great too and with the possible of exception of "Fields of Coal" all seemed to fit in nicely with their back catalogue. I was a bit bummed to miss Midnight Masses. I think they have some potential. They joined TOD a few songs (pic below).

Set list:
Giants Causeway
Far Pavilions
Isis Unveiled
Bells of Creation
Will You Smile Again For Me
Fields of Coal
Relative Ways
Clair de Lune
Totally Natural
Another Morning Stoner
Richter Scale Madness

More crappy cell phone pics


Anonymous said...

Concert was pretty sweet, although I was expecting a bit less energy. Double drums was absoultely amazing though. The so so glos need to realize that, try as they might, they are not the clash. I think I'd actually have liked them after listening to their studio releases, but the lead singer was a punk and he made Conrad's mic wet. Not cool.

JK said...

why were you expecting less energy? I gave the So So Glos one song and then headed back downstairs. I wasn't into it. Did you catch Midnight Masses?

Anonymous said...

The So So Glos were great. I loved them- the energy they create is awesome.Their similarities to The Clash are undeniable but i don't think thats a bad thing. When can sounding like the Clash be a bad attribute? I know I want a Clash like band in my generation. And whats more, these kids are fresh. I'm ready to hear more.

JK said...

I just missed seeing them last night in Chicago. I definitely regret it. They're definitely one of the best live bands I've seen over the last six or seven years or so. Don't have the new album yet but will probably seek it out soon. Here's hoping they play Pitchfork of Lollapalooza this year.

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