Sunday, February 08, 2009

Grammy Highlights: There Were a Few

There really are very few highlights to this show now. There was Dave Grohl on drums with Sir Paul. And Thom and Johnny performing "15 Step" with the USC marching band. The best moment of all, however, was seeing my sister on live television for the first time. Looking good MESK.

I'm updating this post with my dad's first and likely last live blogging attempt.  Some names have been deleted to protect the innocent.

8:02 Is U-2 singing a song or making noise? Way below their best.
8:06: Our neighbor, Dwayne Johnson ... alias the Rock, seeking to clarify his manhood, something about kissing a girl on the lips... he may regret replays of the tape
8:09  Pardon my age, but Al Green does not need Justin Timberlake as accompaniment
8:16 commercial bloc... 
8:23 Cold Play.  I suggest a diet of  beef & BBQ... way too tremulous for my taste
8:26  OK, I'm out of it. Who are these guys?
8:29: Carrie Underwood.. now I understand why she has a following. There are gazelles grazing in the African savannah on the nature channel, one step down on your Direct TV dial
8:29  OK, another commercial break.  I'm psyched. Target. Drats.  Bertoni takeout Italian. Olay. Mute, mute. Lincoln.. heart rate up... no, it's the major tom version.  Got to hand it to them.. it's very cool.  would be better with the original David Bowie sound track.  Then baby formula. Cholesterol.  Strange demographics here.
8:43 Best song of the year: I AM TOTALLY IGNORANT. Is Cold Play making a statement with their colors? Is there something left to chance with these guys?
8:45: Justin T, now Kid Rock is shiney black... How great is it to be oblivious about fashion trends? For the first time ever, I can't wait for the next commercial block... ooohhh, here it comes
8:47  Damn.  Rheumetoid arthritis. Are they watching, too? Chewing gum.  Now I'm totally confused. More Olay & Target. WHO CARES? Vitamin supplements.  Home buying. On-line degrees. Toyotas-- pathetic. They need Noah.
8:53  M. Cyrus (distant relation to Cyrus the Great?) is embarrassing herself
8:55  Yuck.. Robert Plant does a succubus cling to Alison Kraus  Ready for next commercial break.
9:03  Exfoliating body was. A Lincoln commercial.  Splashy, but I've seen better.
9:10  Stevie Wonder with the Jonas Bros?  Imagine what happens with internet dating services.
9:15  Cold Play get a rock album award.  The definition of rock must have changed
9:17 AT LAST! BINGO! Our daughter on national television. I'm going out to buy a Lincoln.
9:20  OK, now I'm switching to the Nature Channel.

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