Friday, October 19, 2007

Trail of Dead @ Highline Ballroom, 10/18/07 (CMJ)

The odd start time (listed at 9:30) allowed me just enough time before and after the show to watch my Sox. On any other night, I'd much prefer a headlining and longer set but this was perfect. When I bought these tickets I had every intention of seeing Islands (whom I've never seen) but it wasn't meant to be. TOD's high energy and intense set did not disappoint although I admit, I hold them is such high regard that it would take a complete disaster for me to offer any other opinion. The only downside, as was the case at Luna Lounge, was not hearing "How Near, How Far." I don't know who I need to pay to hear that song live. Also, a congratulations goes out to the bouncer/ID checker at Highline for the biggest asshole of the day award.


"Ode to Isis"
"Gargoyle Waiting"
"Naked Sun"
"Stand in Silence"
"Relative Ways"
"Will You Smile Again for Me"
"Clair de Lune"
"Totally Natural"

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