Friday, October 26, 2007

Pitchfork's "Guest List" with Josh Homme

Further proof that Josh Homme is, in fact, the man. My favorites:

Favorite New Band

I kind of like this Black Angels record-- it's really good. They're from Texas and that makes me happy, because I want something good to finally come out of Texas. We're going to do some shows with them.

How's it holding up?

Fuckin' good, man. Better than your music, that's for sure. Oh wait, you guys don't make music, you just write about it [laughs]. So yeah, I'm just listening to our family of stuff.

Favorite Record Shop

They still have those? I'm gonna miss those fuckin' things. I used to like to just hang out there. I guess you can have a coffee store and a bookshop now. Amoeba, definitely.

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