Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pearl Jam Charity Show @ the Beacon Theatre

Crap. Crap. Crap. I really can't be too mad since I'm going to both MSG shows but it's the Beacon, it's one block from my apt., it's for charity, and I have a pretty good feeling it's going to be amazing. Not sure how I missed this.

UPDATE: Apparently, tickets weren't sold out because I got through just now and purchased one.

The National @ Summerstage Tickets

Tickets for The National at Central Park Summerstage go on sale tomorrow. I'm going out on a limb here by saying that this may be the best line-up I attend all year. Plants and Animals debut album Parc Avenue caught me by surprise and really is quite good (review here). I've been waiting to see Yeasayer for awhile now and although I'm not sure Summerstage is necessarily the best venue for them, I'll take it. The National, of course, need no introduction.

MP3: Plants and Animals - "Bye Bye Bye"
MP3: Yeasayer - "Wait for the Wintertime"
MP3: The National - "Rest of Years" (demo)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DCFC Takes No. 1 on Billboard

Even in an age when SoundScan numbers mean very little, this is still a very impressive feat for Death Cab. I've always admired Death Cab's work, never a huge fan nor a hater. The truth of the matter is that this band is still making high quality music on LP7 and lots of people have obviously taken notice over the years (as evidenced by platinum selling albums with The Postal Service and Plans). Narrow Stairs is another solid album with some exceptional tracks. I say, good for them.

As a side note, this new Beck track is insanely good. Can't wait for that album. Between The Black Keys and Beck, this Danger Mouse guy may have a future in this business.........

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Don't Miss Nissan Pavillion

What a mess. I think fans are right to question Radiohead management's selection to play at Nissan - a venue that really is in the middle of nowhere (no offense to the good folks of Gainesville, VA). That makes zero sense from a transportation standpoint. Man, I really hated going to Nissan for shows. Sorry but I think both NF and I can be thankful that we've since moved away from this mess.

The setlist, however, looks pretty amazing.

1.All I Need
4.15 Step
6.Pyramid Song
10.Faust Arp
12.Paranoid Android
13. Just
15.Everything in it's Right Place
16.Bangers n' Mash

----Encore 1----
18.Like Spinning Plates
20.Karma Police
21.Go Slowly
22.Planet Telex

---Encore 2---
23.Fake Plastic Trees
24. The National Anthem
25. House of Cards

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rosebuds, British Sea Power @ Bowery Ballroom, 5/10/08

This was my first time seeing Rosebuds or BSP, the latter of which I consider to be one of the finer rock bands in the UK at the moment. Rosebuds impressed. I listened to their second album quite a bit when it came out and I think that I need to look into their latest. BSP played loud and tight, sticking mostly to the studio version of their songs (until the end). "No Lucifer" and "Carrion" were the stand-outs. I admit though, I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of theatrics that I had read so much about. No foliage on stage or military regalia. This time they claimed to be old tennis stars, or something to that effect. Overall, it was good rock n roll but I'd give the live edge to last month's Constantines show at Mercury (which, unfortunately, I failed to write-up).

"Lights Out For Darker Skies"
"Remember Me"
"Down on the Ground"
"Leaving Here"
"A Trip Out"
"Canvey Island"
"Waving Flags"
"The Great Skua"
"Oh Larsen B"
"No Lucifer
"True Adventures"
"The Spirit of St. Louis"
"Rock in A"

For those interested, nyctaper recorded the show in typical fine fashion.


I've become fully immersed in all things My Morning Jacket at the moment. Their new album is ambitious, ballsy, and nothing short of excellent. They performed "I'm Amazed" and "Evil Urges" on Saturday Night Live. Not surprisingly, it was also phenomenal.
"I'm Amazed"

"Evil Urges"

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Welcome Back Brendan

Chalk this one up in the good news department:

Pearl Jam has started recording its ninth studio album with producer Brendan O'Brien...The new effort, a follow-up to its self-titled 2006 album, finds Pearl Jam reteaming with longtime producer Brendan O'Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine) for the first time since 1998's "Yield." O'Brien has also produced Pearl Jam's "Vs." (1993), "Vitalogy" (1994) and "No Code."

June cannot come soon enough.