Monday, May 12, 2008

Rosebuds, British Sea Power @ Bowery Ballroom, 5/10/08

This was my first time seeing Rosebuds or BSP, the latter of which I consider to be one of the finer rock bands in the UK at the moment. Rosebuds impressed. I listened to their second album quite a bit when it came out and I think that I need to look into their latest. BSP played loud and tight, sticking mostly to the studio version of their songs (until the end). "No Lucifer" and "Carrion" were the stand-outs. I admit though, I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of theatrics that I had read so much about. No foliage on stage or military regalia. This time they claimed to be old tennis stars, or something to that effect. Overall, it was good rock n roll but I'd give the live edge to last month's Constantines show at Mercury (which, unfortunately, I failed to write-up).

"Lights Out For Darker Skies"
"Remember Me"
"Down on the Ground"
"Leaving Here"
"A Trip Out"
"Canvey Island"
"Waving Flags"
"The Great Skua"
"Oh Larsen B"
"No Lucifer
"True Adventures"
"The Spirit of St. Louis"
"Rock in A"

For those interested, nyctaper recorded the show in typical fine fashion.

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