Tuesday, November 25, 2008

John Frusciante Update: The Empyrean Part 2


From his blog:

Journal Entry #3

The Empyrean is a story that has no action in the physical world. It all takes place in one persons mind throughout his life. The only other character is someone who does not live in the physical world but is inside it, in the sense that he exists in peoples minds. The mind is the only place that anything can be truly said to exist. The outside world is only known to us as it appears within us by the testament of our senses. The imagination is the most real world that we know because we each know it first hand. Seeing our ideas take form is like being able to see the sun come into being. We have no equivelent to the purity of that in our account of the outside world. The outer world appears to each of us as one thing and it is always also a multitude of others. Inside to outside and outside to inside are neverending. Trying and giving up are a form of breathing.

- John


Slipstream said...
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Slipstream said...

What are your thoughts on "Unreachable" off of the Empyrean?

I wasn't blown away at first, but then the solo kicked.