Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cloud Cult @ Bowery Ballroom, 11/11/08

Cloud Cult, Bowery Ballroom

Every time I see Cloud Cult in concert, it's another reminder as to why they are one of my favorite bands. They truly are one of the kindest, most gracious, and talented bands on the scene today. While still largely unknown, it's that much more rewarding to look around Bowery Ballroom last night and know that we all share the same secret. The songs last night focused entirely on their last 3 albums. I was a little bit disappointed that they didn't play "Living On the Outside of Your Skin" but I'll deal. Here is my attempt at the set list:

"Light At the End of the Tunnel" --> "Intro"
"Brain Gateway"
"No One Said It Would Be Easy"
"Chemicals Collide"
"Everybody Here is a Cloud"
"When Water Comes to Life"
"Million Things"
New Song? --> "That Man Jumped Out the Window"
"Pretty Voice"
"You Got Your Bones to Make a Beat"
"The Ghost Inside Your House"
"Bobby's Spacesuit"
"Must Explore" --> "Journey of the Featherless"
"Start New"
"Love You All"
"Story of the Grandson of Jesus"
"The Tornado Lessons"
"Transistor Radio"
"Take Your Medicine"

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