Monday, February 04, 2008

Random Super Bowl Observations

Well, I'm still in shock over what transpired last night. It was certainly the best game I can remember watching in some time but even as a Redskins fan, I couldn't help but feel saddened by how it all went down for the Pats. Honestly, if I were a Pats fan, I would question Belichick's decision to wear that random red sweatshirt (instead of his go-to grey) FIRST, and the 4th and 13th play SECOND.

* I am really looking forward to a vacation from Joe Buck.

* Why exactly was there a Declaration of Independence recital during the pre-game show?

* As usual, the ads were mostly hit and miss. My favorites: Tide's talking stain, the 4th quarter E-Trade commercial with the talking baby and Bobo the clown, the tiny head, and of course, the Will Ferrell Bud Light. By the way, I highly recommend the age restricted trailer to Semi-Pro if you haven't seen it yet.

* Has anyone else noticed just how ridiculous truck ads are becoming? I'm half expecting one of these ads to take place on the moon because they're obviously running out of ideas for stupid stunts to show a truck's strength. "Look at how this Ford F150 handles the moon craters!"

* I thought Tom Petty did a very solid job during the half-time show. He didn't blow me away like Prince did last year but the Super Bowl has gotten it right two straight years now. I'm going for tickets to the TP & the Heartbreakers show at the Garden at 10 today.

* Did anyone else notice Fox's use of Arcade Fire with their footage leading into the 3rd quarter? Not bad. UPDATE: the band certainly did.