Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Radiohead.

I first caught wind through BrooklynVegan. Then I read the news from Jonny. There's more at Pitchfork. I understand I can pay what I want for the download. The question the extra $81 the price I want to pay?

MP3: Radiohead - "Cuttooth"


Yuv@L said...

I think Radiohead are doing some monumental here, but some people say if they had Radiohead's money, they wouldn't care about sales either. There's a poll on about this new Radiohead move, check it out.

quixoteles said...

And why not? People are going to steal it anyway if the just want to hear it. You can not stop a determined thief. Reality rules. Not losing money if you want to pay for download, your making it. No one is going to torrent something that cost a penny, or at least only the most asinine will BT something that costs a penny. At least now they make a little money begging. Like mother always said beggers can't be choosers.