Saturday, August 11, 2007

MySpace to MP3

Came across a cool site while browsing ateaseweb that allows you to download any songs from an artist's MySpace page.

Just enter the band or artist's name exactly as it appears on their MySpace page to get the mp3s. I tried it with josegonzalez and while the quality isn't great, it's a helpful tool for grabbing those songs that you just can't wait to get on your ipod.


butter team said...

couldn't get the site to it down?

Tom said...

I hope this is taken down it's not cool to steal music namely when artist can choose to allow downloads
on myspace and if they choose not to because they would like to sell there music on there myspace page if you like there music you should pay the $.99 and help support them in the creation of more music you desire.

JK said...

that's a good point Tom and probably the reason they took it down. it really depends on what your planned usage is. i don't see anything wrong for using a service like this if you want to listen to the songs on the go. sharing them is obviously not cool when the artist's intention is just to provide the stream.