Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Neil Young & Wilco @ MSG, 12/15/08

So much for a curfew at MSG.  Neil busted right through it and played until 1230 (PJ, please take note).  He played for 2:10 before even leaving the stage.  It was clear to me last night that the man still has it.  The heavy guitar songs killed and the acoustic songs were, of course, amazing - I wish there had been more - including one of my all-time favorite songs ("Old Man").  Of course, you take the good with the bad when seeing the legends.  There were some dull moments and certainly some songs that I could have done without.  Wilco played for 45 minutes and should have played for 45 more.  It was a flawless set.

Wilco set list:
via chicago / Impossible Germany / You Are My Face / Spiders (kidsmoke) / Hummingbird / Jesus etc. / Forget the Flowers / Walken / I'm the Man Who Loves You

Neil Young set list:
Love And Only Love / Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) / Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere / Powderfinger / Spirit Road / Cortez The Killer / Cinnamon Girl / Oh, Lonesome Me / Mother Earth / The Needle And The Damage Done / Light A Candle / Cough Up The Bucks / Fuel Line / Hit The Road And Go To Town / Unknown Legend / Heart Of Gold / Old Man / Get Back To The Country / Off The Road / Just Singing A Song / When Worlds Collide / Cowgirl In The Sand / Rockin’ In The Free World // Get Behind The Wheel / A Day In The Life (The Beatles)


NF said...

I think my world would have spun off axis round about "The Needle and the Damage Done" following "Mother Earth", but covering one of my favorite Beatles tracks to close it down? At MSG?

Mark said...

I was dead center in the General Admission section about 30 ft. from the stage and it was just wonderful. Truly a night to always remember for this rock and roll loving Neil Young fan!

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