Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bloc Party @ Mayan Theatre, 7.29.08

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Great show. But, probably the last time I grab a ticket for just this band. We've said it before numerous times on this blog: why doesn't this band explore their catalogue more? "Version 2.0", "Staying Fat", "The Once and Future King", "Two More Years" all come to mind. They are an extremely talented band that puts on a very solid-worth the price of admission show, but there is nothing above or beyond the main set, break, encore, and out. Give me a cover. Give me a B-side. Give me something. Anything. I left fulfilled but thinking about the likes of The National, Arcade Fire, and TV On The Radio. Bands who - every time I have caught them - come out with guns blazing and never let up.

"Flux" is flat live (disappointingly so), but "Mercury" (which I didn't like on first listen) had a great energy to it (but I'm pretty sure I was the only person in the audience singing/dancing to it - ahhh, L.A.). "Positive Tension" perhaps, the greatest song this band has ever crafted was nowhere to be found.

UPDATE: Apparently their San Fran show was ill. Three encores.


"Hunting for Witches"
"Like Eating Glass"
"Waiting for the 7.18"
"Price of Gasoline"
"Song for Clay (Disappear Here)"
"So Here We Are"
"The Prayer"
"This Modern Love"

Intro > "Flux"
"She's Hearing Voices"

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Anonymous said...

Although I have the same feelings as you regarding Bloc's need to play more B-sides, they actually did do something special at that Mayan show. Their "intro" to Flux was a cover of Prince's song "I Would Die 4 You." I didn't realize this until after the show, though, and was confused when I heard them play it (was it a new song? or was it just a new intro?)