Friday, June 06, 2008


~ Coldplay has sold over 30 million records which is a pretty staggering number in this day and age. EMI/Capitol would have you believe that they carry the weight of the world on the shoulders with this upcoming release. Of course it's going to be a let down in some way. That said, I think they've done a solid job with the new album. It seems to lack those big sing-a-long choruses which may turn off their casual fans and the lyrics are still terrible but there's quite a bit of quality in the music to be found here. The new album will be streaming on their MySpace page later today.

~ Despite the critical acclaim, I've really had very little interest in any of Deerhunter's recorded material. However, the two songs now playing on their MySpace page show a very different direction and both are damn good. It seems their new album Microcastle has leaked without, I believe, a release date.

~ I really dislike the NBA (Kobe especially) but how can you not watch the Finals? I'm in.

~ Not surprisingly, Pitchfork has given the Fleet Foxes s/t debut a Best New Music tag and a 9.0. I know I've mentioned this before but for all of the terrible things that Pitchfork is known for (e.g., never read one of their reviews of a band you like - you'll only be disappointed, Amy Phillips, etc.), I still count on them to find new bands. Fleet Foxes was one of them. The Sun Giant EP is awesome. I don't think the s/t is better but I've got tickets to see them next month and am really looking forward to it.

~ If this iPhone 2.0 is anything like the rumors suggest, Verizon and I will be parting ways after 9 good years.

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