Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The National: A Skin, A Night + The Virginia EP

I had just heard a rumor about this today and now I see that it's confirmed on Insound. It's out on 5/20. Very unexpected and definitely very exciting. From Insound:

This (A Skin, A Night) is a documentary about The National by French filmmaker Vincent Moon, who followed the group during the creation of their acclaimed 2007 release, "Boxer" (scanned over 116K). It's an insightful and beautiful glimpse into the band's creative process. The DVD is packaged with a separate disc, "The Virginia EP", which contains twelve tracks of demos, a cover, live versions, a radio session, and b-sides.

The Virginia EP tracklisting:

1. You Done it Again, Virginia
2. Santa Clara
3. Blank Slate
4. Tall Saint
5. Without Permission
6. Forever After Days
7. Rest Of Years
8. Slow Show
9. Lucky You
10. Mansion On The Hill
11. Fake Empire
12. About Today

I've never heard tracks 4-7. They may be new?



Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I have Tall Saint on my Ipod, I don't know where from, so I'm guessing it's a B-side...

JK said...

yeah, you're right. I just realized I have both Rest of Years and Tall Saint from the Liberation cd (both demos). "Tall Saint" is a good one. So I guess, then, that it's "Without Permission" and "Forever After Days."

JK said...

Also, if I had any sort of memory I would have realized that I posted both of those tracks previously.

Stay Down Champion Stay Down

Juxtapose My Music Pls. said...

I just stumbled upon this blog when searching for info on this album. I enjoy your indie rock taste.

I found a leaked version. The link is below. (I'm not sure if you're cool with this, so I apologize if you aren't).

I also have a blog if you're interested. I try to cover progressive, experimental, indie rock.